Please join us Mark Rober!

Hey Mark!

This winter we’re going to be putting on an exciting event in December celebrating Robots on Ice!!

We’re a small non-profit based locally in Sunnyvale. We love robots and we love ice skating, so we thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we fuse them together?” Now we’re putting on our second annual family-friendly event to promote robotics (and ice skating) to kids all over the valley. We’re planning a lot of kid-friendly events, including an RC car race around the rink, robot sumo, an ice obstacle course, a figure skating demonstration, and a demo from the local robotics groups like the HBRC. We are inviting kids and local hobbyists to build robots to navigate the frictionless challenges of ice. We thought you, your students, or some of your audience might be interested in the challenge! We also thought Fat Gus might want to make an ice skating appearance, but we understand she might be busy raising her squirrel kits.

If you’d like to see more please check out our highlight video at: Contact us here.