About the Humanoids

Come see the InMoov Humanoid Robot Comedy show - a trio of robots telling jokes, poetry, and having a good time. Built by the Davis Family, these robots were 3D printed and programmed to be interactive.

Maker Lurene Davis

Built her first Humanoid when she was 12 years old. She was inspired by the Gael Langevin’s InMoov feature in Make Magazine, and decided to make her own.

Maker D. Davis

Enjoys designing, mechanical building, electronics, and programming robots big and small. Also fuses robotics with art including fabric, music, and light. Projects include: Dancing Robots, Welcome-Bot, building InMoov Humanoids, and Spot Micro. Member of Cupertinker’s builder group and bringing robots to Maker Faires since 2014. D. Davis – HomeBrew Robotics Club (