Call for Activity Proposals

The Silicon Valley Ice Skating Association is hosting its second Robots on Ice event on December 11th, 2021. This holiday season the Sunnyvale Holiday Ice Rink will return to the downtown and with it Silicon Valley Ice Skating Association ( is planning to put together another instance of Robots on Ice. The inaugural event was held in January 2020, where we held a successful event which built excitement around the rink and had a great time

This year, we will be looking to provide opportunities for the robotics community to organize activities to showcase their work and community. If you have a group or robotic activity who would like an opportunity to show off your projects or host an activity at the Robots On Ice event we’d like to hear from you. Activities can be targeted to happen on or near the ice surface.

If you or a group you know is interested in learning more about the event, please contact the planning committee at: This Call for Activity Proposals is now open and we encourage you to submit your proposal as soon as possible.

Event Goal:

Have fun exploring low friction environments with robots.

Areas of Interest

We are looking for three types of proposals on types of activities. We have opportunities to work activities into the main program on the ice, activities can take place in parallel with other activities in space around the ice within the rink complex. If there’s interest we also believe that we can work with the local authorities to make space for low level drone operations if there’s interest.

Examples of activities on the ice that we are looking for can include competitions, whether they be control based such as sumo or speed based such as sumo. The goal is to have fun and highlight some of the challenges of the low friction environment as well as entertain the spectators who are watching. Robotic performances or demonstrations can also be considered if they will be of interest to attendees to watch.

There will also be space near the ice surface where robots can be showcased when they’re not on the ice.

We also welcome proposals for events related to drones. There will be more challenges.

If you have a creative idea that doesn’t fit into any of these categories please reach out to us and we can work with you to see if we can make it work for the event. Also because ice surfaces are hard to get time on and performances are best when practiced please let us know if some practice time would be valuable and we can negotiate.

Submit your idea or activity here via this following form.

Or if you have any questions - please send those to: