Aragon Robotics Team

Aragon Robotics will be bringing their FRC and FTC robots to the event.


At Aragon Robotics, we strive to teach STEM, teamwork, and leadership skills through robotics, and to empower and educate our community to embrace the future. We hope that our robots and initiatives will inspire and empower younger generations to learn more about STEM and how it can change the world.

28x28in or 16x14in competition robot and Two Mini Lego robots.

28in x 28in:

  • Still in the making, our first competition March and it will be ready by then 16in x 14in:
  • Picks up objects (Kids can drive) Lego Robots:
  • One of them is a hand-sanitizer dispenser and the other is a truck that the kids can drive and pick up small objects with

*The pictures that we have upload are of our past competition bots, our new bots will look similar but will not be exactly the same