Humanoid Robot Comedy Show

About the Humanoids

The interactive Robot humanoid comedy show has been delighting the Bay Area with their jokes for 8 years! It started with a 12-year-old’s summer goal of building an inMoov open-source robot. The robot family has expanded to 3 humanoids laughing and entertaining audiences. Explore hands on electronics, software, and 3D printing working together, while picking your comedy preferences!

Maker D. Davis

Enjoys designing, mechanical building, electronics, and programming robots big and small. Also fuses robotics with art including fabric, music, and light. Projects include: Dancing Robots, Welcome-Bot, building InMoov Humanoids, and Spot Micro. Member of Cupertinker’s builder group and bringing robots to Maker Faires since 2014. D. Davis – HomeBrew Robotics Club (