Robot: Ocebot


“The OceBot™ Surveillance UGV by Mantaro Networks is a highly capable mobile telepresence robot, engineered to perform surveillance tasks in areas that are difficult to access. This Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) combines practical design features with sophisticated technology to adeptly navigate a variety of terrains, ensuring it’s well-suited for a broad range of operational scenarios such as surveillance and reconnaissance.

Central to its design, the OceBot features specialized wheels that excel in climbing and descending stairs, navigating across diverse terrains without requiring adjustments. These wheels are also engineered to absorb impacts from falls of up to 2 meters, enhancing the robot’s durability and operational readiness. The OceBot’s agility is further demonstrated by its ability to self-right and maintain orientation, enter through windows for discrete reconnaissance missions, and provide a 360° environmental view through a tiltable front camera, rear and side cameras.

The robot’s control system is designed for flexibility, allowing operators to manage the device and monitor live video feeds via local WiFi control with a handheld Android Tablet within a 1000-foot range, or remotely through an embedded cellular system or line-of-sight radio frequency. This adaptability in control methods facilitates seamless operation, whether close by or from a central command center.

Constructed with a lightweight carbon fiber chassis that weighs less than 17 pounds, the OceBot is not only easy to transport and maneuver but also robust, with a waterproof rating of IP67 to ensure functionality in all weather conditions. For operations in low-light conditions or at night, the robot is equipped with IR LED lighting and front-facing white LEDs, the brightness of which can be adjusted to suit various illumination needs. An expansion slot is also provided, enabling the attachment of custom hardware such as sensors, specialized cameras, or robotic arms, further extending its versatility.

With the capability to move at speeds of up to 9 mph in both forward and reverse, the OceBot is primed for rapid deployment. The inclusion of a field-replaceable battery pack underscores the robot’s readiness for extended missions, ensuring minimal downtime. Its comprehensive feature set, combining mobility, durability, and versatile control options, positions the OceBot as a practical tool for a wide array of surveillance and reconnaissance tasks, demonstrating its capability to operate effectively in diverse and challenging environments.”