Robot: ForTEAsimo


ForTEAsimo was built entirely by high school students to compete in this year’s FRC (First Robotics Competition) challenge, CRESCENDO. In CRESCENDO, robots compete to score “notes” (foam rings) into the amp (low scoring slot) and speaker (high scoring slot). At the end of each match, robots rush to “harmonize onstage” by hanging on a chain. With a 26” x 26” swerve drivetrain, ForTEAsimo glides across the playing field to score notes in the amp using its scoring arm and hook. Fun fact–this hook design won us the Creativity Award at the FRC Silicon Valley Regional earlier this year in March! That same scoring arm doubles as a climbing mechanism, which features four hooks, two attached to each side of the arm, allowing us to lift ourselves onto the stage’s chain and hang (similar to a seesaw).

Boba Bots 253

“Hi! We’re the Boba Bots 253, a non-profit FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team representing Mills High School, Millbrae, CA. Our team has been fully led and organized by high school students since 1998 and is made up of over 50 dedicated members who work to promote STEAM education among youth, construct a robot, and have fun while learning skills applicable to future careers. Over the course of the school year, our team collaborates to build a robot to compete with at local FRC competitions, but we also participate in community events (like Robots on Ice!). Our team’s core values center around spreading our love for STEAM through our mission to ““Build bots, Build people, [and] Build communiTEA.”” By hosting a booth at Robots on Ice, we hope to share our work with eventgoers and teach them a little bit about what it’s like to be on an FRC team. We’d also love to demonstrate ForTEAsimo or have anyone interested try driving it (but not on the ice). We rely on donations to keep our team running and to introduce new STEAM programs, so Robots on Ice is the perfect venue for us to represent Boba Bots and serve our community. You can learn more about us by visiting our website,, or through our Instagram @bobabots253.”